REPOST – Speed up GIT via ssh with a simple config change

This is a repost of the awesome post from where he was able to speed up GIT pull from Singapore EC2 against Github from 5~ seconds to 1~ second or so for the basic configuration and even less than a second after all the other tweaks are applied.

I used same basic configuration as well on my Linode VPS in Dallas, Texas against Github which speed up from 0.8~ second to 0.3~ second using just the basic configuration which is all I need. Below is the configuration change:


ControlMaster auto
ControlPath /tmp/%r@%h:%p
ControlPersist yes

It can go even more faster but I don’t know if there are drawbacks though.

Read the full post for the rest of the tweaks.

Speed Up Git (5x to 50x) by

Enjoy and share the awesomeness.

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