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Beware of Smart Prepaid Data Offers

Been experimenting with Smart’s data offers for more than a month now especially the Always ON promo. Don’t know what went wrong but most of the time, it eats up all my load as if I was using the default charging for data which costs 5 pesos per 15 minutes.


After several experiments on various promo type, it seems that the AllText 20 with 15MB data does not work as advertised. It keeps on charging me 5 pesos per 15 minutes. Also, the Always ON 10 might suffer from the same behavior. As far as my experiments, Always ON 20 works as advertised. It might true to other promo higher than 20. To register (SMART subscribers only), send “ON 20” to “2200” to get a 45MB data for 1 day.

For history purposes, I will not remove the original content below. One thing is for sure, the Always ON 20 works and won’t charge you like the default charging cost.

See original content below.

Before, I was using the Always ON 20, then the Always ON 10, then the AllText 20 with 15MB data. The 20 works as expected during my few first tries. The 10 sucks and actually sucked up all my regular load like default charging does. The AllText 20 (has text and call as well) sucks the most for data as if I was not using the promo at all. Upon balance inquiry, it does deduct from the 5MB or 45MB or 15MB data limit but charges my regular load balance as well.

I don’t know what really the problem is. I’ve done some research and some people say that you need some special SIM and a special Android app to properly use these promos. However, these are not specified on Smart’s promo page.

For now, I will try to avoid these scammy promos with hidden/secret rules not disclosed to its users. It has been a known reputation for Smart to be stealing your load with their promos.

UPDATE: Heck, Globe has better offers and my friend did not encounter the load eating habit that Smart is known for.

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  1. I experienced the same! Just recently and complained to Smart through their FB account. I always use the 300MB plan package (ON 300) and I realized that I always ran out of credit even when Im not an avid caller/texter. It’s a pity I only figured it out recently. I put on load credit (200), registered ‘ON 30’ but never called anyone, still has lots of free texts, but ended up with 1.95 pesos in my account 3 days after!

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