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Homebased – PhilHealth – change status from employed to voluntary

For homebased worker like me, we usually pay our government obligations ourselves. In my case, I have just continued my PhilHealth contributions by paying voluntarily under the category of “Informal Economy/Informal Sector”. Sounds weird but that is how they qualify me. All is good!

Simple Process

Unlike other government agencies, I think PhilHealth has better services when it comes to changing your status from employed to something else, like self-employed. It does not ask you to provide proof or anything that will provide your financial capability, ex: ITR or professional license.

Since most home based web developers like me doesn’t have the kind of setup where we pay income tax right away (due to difficulty in filing tax, etc), it took long before we can have our Income Tax Return (or none at all for a long time). Since I just switched to homebased work, I don’t have these ITR and taxes stuff yet. These things are needed in other government agencies when switching to self-employed status for example.

For PhilHealth, you just tell you what you are and you are done. Status changed.


After my status got changed, I’ve got my MDR and then proceed to payment section. They asked me to pay 1 quarter for 600 pesos (200 per month), so I just payed immediately.

That’s just it! I guess we will see again next quarter!


7 thoughts on “Homebased – PhilHealth – change status from employed to voluntary”

  1. if you have a metrobank account (or other bank account) and manage it online, you could process your SSS and Pag-ibig payments as well.

  2. I, too, would like to change my status from employed to freelance. I already have a Philhealth ID card, so can I just go to the office with my MDR and show the ID itself and not other government IDs?

  3. @Will, you can search for the requirement online (I already forgot). However, as far as I remember, it is not a lot. I think you need some ID and birth certificate. I suggest to bring enough documents or better search or inquire just to be sure.

  4. Hello lysender, May I ask if your previous employer has gone in your MDR after you get your updated one? Thanks

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