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Pag-IBIG – Homebased – Change status from employed to individual payor

It turn’s out that it is not too hard to change your Pag-IBIG membership status from being employed to voluntary paying member. It only took me less than an hour to file the change of my status. Here is the story.


A week before, I went to Pag-IBIG office Pasig branch thinking that it is the main office (or was it?) and inquired about the requirements for switching from employed to voluntary paying member. Since my previous employer already do the job of processing my Pag-IBIG MID, the lady told me to go to Antipolo city branch instead and file the change status request there since I live in that area. She told me to bring some IDs.


One week later, I went to Pag-IBIG Antipolo branch and to cut it short, I went to the section who managed the change of membership details (in my case, the membership type). I told her my employment status, that I don’t have regular job like employed people do (just to blend with people who are not aware that there is a thing called home-based workers).

She gave me a form to fill-up some information, then she mark the change of status as “individual payor”. She also let me pay the month’s contribution so I paid 200 pesos. Lastly, I fill up another form that would request the previous branch that handles my membership contributions and other details to be moved into this branch.

After almost an hour I was able to finish the process and that I have to wait for few days for it to take effect.

Waiting game

The change of status took 5 days to complete. I was able to verify that online. The move of my contribution details would take 30 days, but I didn’t bother checking. I have to call them to verify that as there is no online facility for those information.

Monthly payment

After almost a month, the time I need to pay the monthly contribution, I went straight to the cashier bringing nothing but the money. To my embarrassment, she told me to bring the previous receipt. Didn’t the guard told you that? Well, the guard saw my envelop with Pag-IBIG logo on it, so he might thought that I have the proper requirements. I have the option to reproduce the receipt on one of their accounts section but I choose to go home and decided to go back next time.

I would prefer paying in payment centers instead but I have to inquire first, therefore, for this month, I’ll still head to Antipolo branch to pay. Maybe this is the last time.

That’s it. We’ll see if paying would be more convenient next time.

10 thoughts on “Pag-IBIG – Homebased – Change status from employed to individual payor”

  1. hi. i am just wondering how did it go? were you able to pay your monthly contribution then? i am also planning to change membership status in pagibig so that i could invest in mp2. this blog helps. keep on blogging.

  2. @Charis, yes, the quarterly payment works smooth after I bring the receipts every time.

  3. hello… just wanted to ask, OFW po ako now, this October 2018 sana ako uuwi for vacation. I left Pinas po last October 2016, I wanted to settle all my government benefits sana and mag voluntary remittance nalang. This whole process you went through is applicable din po ba sa akin na OFW who wanted to switch from being employed to self/voluntary remittance? I mean the documents po, wala po bang hahanapin na docs from my current work? Hope to get a response po.

  4. @Ehma, I think OFW will have easier time processing voluntary membership, they even have specific category for OFWs. Just visit your local branch and inquire. Most likely you will be on the voluntary type so they won’t bother asking about your current employer.

  5. hi Lysender, do you know if I apply for voluntary membership if I could also apply for a housing loan even though I do not have a regular job? I also work from home but my earnings are minimal lang and di sya ganun kastable. But still, I’m interested to know if PAGIBIG still allows voluntary members to apply for loans.

  6. @Mary Jane, I have not tried it yet, but as far as I know, they will evaluate you anyway, so you can probably try.

    I tried it before through a real estate agent, never tried applying directly.

  7. hi, i also want to change my status as self employed and pay my contributions. but i was advised by the satellite branch that i also need to present a written request notarized when i go to process the request change in the branch. reading your blog you just mentioned filling out the form and id and nothing more that you were asked to submit, right? so im confused if i need to make a notarized letter or not.

  8. @marie, during that time, 2015 I think, I only fill up some forms, that’s it! It could have change now, so I think you need to follow the current requirements.

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