Cannot Edit SOA for SSN PRN?

Have you tried using SSS PRN PRN (Payment Reference Number) utility but unable to edit it for the current period? Did you get the “Web page blocked” error when trying to edit your SOA (Statement of Account) to change the covered months for the contribution payment? Well, aside from calling for customer service support, you can do one thing, and one thing only.

I’m not able to EDIT my SOA for April to June contribution before April 21 because the current months is still locked for January to March contribution. Whenever I try to edit it, it just says “Web page blocked”. I suspect I need the let the due date (April 20) to pass, so now, April 21, the PRN gets cleared and I’m able to generate a new statement of account.

Haven’t checked if the PRN changed, but it could, probably, doesn’t matter now. So, just don’t attempt to use the old PRN, make sure you are using the current PRN applicable to the current contribution period.

That’s it! Just let the due date expire!

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4 Responses to Cannot Edit SOA for SSN PRN?

  1. nick says:

    what happen to me is that i enter the wrong year ( 2022) , so it means paying 4 years in advance , i tried to edit it but same as what happen to you it only shows web page blocked, the due date of payement is january 2019, does that mean i can only edit it after january 2019?

  2. lysender says:

    @nick, you better get help from SSS customer service as there seems to be no way to self-service via online system if something went wrong.

  3. tontonrosal says:

    same problem, but i used another pc with different IP and its ok, i can edit.

  4. lysender says:

    @tontonrosal, wow, that’s cool. Next time, I’ll probably just fire up VPN to do edits.

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