VirtualBox 6 Ubuntu 16.04 Guest Upgrade to 18.04 – Shared Folder Not Working

Today, I finally decided to upgrade my local Ubuntu 16.04 VM to Ubuntu 18.04 which is the latest LTS version. Everything seem to be working just fine when I realized that the shared folders are not automatically mounted anymore.

Update: Breaks again after upgrading VirtualBox to 6.0.

My VM has been working so far and as far as I remember, I have this VirtualBox 6.0.4 version installed. When I upgraded it to 6.0.8, the VirtualBox addition service stops working. See details at the bottom of the post.

Original post

To make sure I didn’t miss any steps, after the upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04, I immediately re-installed the guest additions and restarted. I even tried to install virtualbox-guest-utils but it seems unnecessary.

Running the following seems to work though.

sudo systemctl restart vboxadd.service

However, after a reboot, the shared folder is still not automatically mounted.

After some long search for answers, I finally found the tweak needed. It turns out that I need to change the service configuration which causes the vboxadd-service.service to not run on startup, or so it seems.


If you are using the VirtualBox Guest Additions, run this:

sudo systemctl edit --full vboxadd-service

Then in the edit mode, remove the systemd-timesync.service from the Conflicts= line then reboot. I almost just copied and pasted it from the original article!

After the reboot, I can see again my shared folders. By the way, this is a Windows host and Ubuntu guest. That’s it!

VirtualBox 6.0.8 Update

After upgrading to VirtualBox 6.0.8, the VirtualBox addition service didn’t start. When I tried to manually start it, this is the error I got on the logs.

Starting vboxadd-service.service…
vboxadd-service.service: Failed to execute command:
No such file or directory
vboxadd-service.service: Failed at step EXEC spawning
No such file or directory

It turns out that the init script is still pointing to the old version. I remember I manually edited it. It probably didn’t automatically updated the script during the upgrade since it notices I made some modifications. I’m forced to modify it again.

sudo systemctl edit --full vboxadd-service 

Then I pointed the paths into the new 6.0.8 version of VirtualBox scripts.

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  1. Hi,

    This was really useful to fix the issue. There is small typo in the service name. At least in my case the service name was with “d”, i.e.:


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