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Sublime Text 4 – Pretty JSON not working anymore

Sublime Text 4 – Pretty JSON not working anymore

I upgraded to Sublime Text 4 (needed license upgrade though) and my favorite plugin/package stopped working. My shortcut was CTRL+ALT+J in Windows 10. I know it will stopped working since I’m already warned during the installation.

The easy fix was just to disable the package then enable it again.

Go to Package Control > Disable Package > Pretty JSON to disable it.

Then Package Control > Enable Package > Pretty JSON to enable it again. My keyboard shortcut is still not working but I used a different slightly longer shortcut now.

Press CTRL+ALT+P then type json and it should show the shortcut to pretty format json.


Thanks to Rakesh KP for suggesting the key bindings, my Pretty JSON keyboard shortcut is now working again.

Go to Preferences -> Key Bindings, then add the following entry for Pretty JSON.

    { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+j"], "command": "pretty_json" },


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  1. Can set key binding for pretty JSON in menu Preferences > Key Bindings. A new window will appear. In my case, I have given shortcut as following
    { “keys”: [“alt+j”], “command”: “pretty_json” },

    Save and restarted and after that pressing alt+j keys formatted json

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