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Montly Report

Another month has passed by and yet another to come. To start this month, I have to write my monthly report once again. I’m really too lazy doing this, but subconsciously it helps.


It helps me review my passed month of being late, being too lazy to test my code (oopss!) and being too busy for SEO and Google stuff where I don’t see any positive gains.

According to my iGoogle, it is 23 days more to go before (ehem) our most celebrated day of the year. It is our anniversary!

2 thoughts on “Montly Report”

  1. Yup it’s true! It took me 2 months before my site was indexed!
    I’m already having a good page rank, when you search for my main keyword, I’m already on top!

    But because of duplicate contents due to comments plus the unreachable URL caused by a theme, my site was penalized. I hope I can recover once again for the next months.

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