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Friendster Private Photo Leak – Friend Updates

I have just logged in lately to my Friendster account and found a friend request. After accepting the request, I viewed all her public photos (not private since of course it needs permission) then go back to Friendster main page.

As to my surprise, one of her private photo appeared on friend updates labeled: {her name} uploaded a new photo. It was a NSFW photo, LOL! A Friendster bug indeed.


Here is the actual picture: hxxp://photos .friendster .com/photos/37/05/49775073/1_184477056s.jpg

Warning: NSFW!

4 thoughts on “Friendster Private Photo Leak – Friend Updates”

  1. The photo maybe fake, or maybe real but the thing is, people are too confident with the service, feeling that all their stuff are safe.

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