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Firefox – ReloadEvery

Have you tried logging-in to your web application, then fixed your code for several minutes or an hour and when you refresh the page, it redirects you back to the login page? Are you tired of refreshing the page just to keep your session alive?

Is your web application not designed to kill idle sessions? Well, if yes, then it is not part of our topic today.

This small plugin for Firefox will save your work. It can be configured to reload the page (selected tab in Firefox) for a certain time interval so that you don’t have to reload it manually. It can be useful in maintaining a session when developing web applications.


Install FireFox Plugin ReloadEvery and activate it. Once installed:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the document
  2. Choose Reload Every
  3. Choose Enable – you can also select the time interval for every reload.

Your done!

4 thoughts on “Firefox – ReloadEvery”

  1. Yeah that’s right! I’ve been wanting for this kind of feature before since I’m annoyed with my very own Web App asking me to login over and over again.

    I wish there is an IE version for this, but its sad that I can’t find one that works for IE6 and up.

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