My Site Is Down For Two Days

My site has been down for two days and now it is back online. This is my first time that my site went offline – for the first time! The reason is that my free host also went offline for reasons that I don’t know.

My site is hosted on ByetHost and it was pretty good for almost 8 months with no downtime. Perhaps this is what I get for a free hosting.

Although it is free, they are giving me 5GB disk storage, few MB disk storage for MySQL and 2GB monthly bandwidth for traffic. I don’t think it is really 2GB since this recent week, I’m experiencing a very slow connection especially when posting comments as a guest.

Anyway, here are my plans in the future:

  1. Get a personal hosting package
  2. Revamp my blog into a website where the blog is part of it
  3. Pursue my planned Web Application (perhaps)

No, that’s not a promise, haha! Back to work…

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2 Responses to My Site Is Down For Two Days

  1. Ron says:

    The saying “You get what you pay for.” is painfully true sa hosting. hahaha 😀

    Alam mo, yung plans mo, plans ko din dati yun about two years back (Except for #1 cguro). Pero tinamad din ako and stuck to blogging! hahaha 😀

  2. Lysender says:

    Haha, those plans? I don’t know when it gets done. Maybe I will still consider this free host since I’ve noticed they are upgrading the server and their quota.

    If ever I will need more resources, then I’ll get a personal hosting package. Maybe in the future, for my portfolio. Who knows I’ll become a freelancer.


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