Slackware 13 and Bluetooth

Before Christmas 2009, I bought a USB Bluetooth Dongle from CDRKing and will be using it for transferring pictures from my wife’s cellphone to my laptop. With it is a Bluetooth Dongle and a CD driver installer for Windows. However, I will be using it on Slackware Linux as well.

So far it works great on Windows and I can use its full functionalities other than file transfer. But some work well be done to make it work on my Slackware Linux. Moreover, most of the functionalities will not work.

Get ObexPushD

ObexPushD is a very simple application for Linux that allows you to receive files via Bluetooth, IrDA or TCP. In this case, I will receive files from Bluetooth. Note that the application only supports receiving files and not sending.

Get ObexPushD from SlackBuilds. Here are some steps on how to install it. You need to install the SlackBuild package and the source. Please note that the source is not included on the SlackBuild package so you have to download it from the separate link provided on the page.

1. Extract the slackbuild package (obexpushd.tar.gz)
2. Move the source code package into the obexpushd directory (the one you’ve recently extracted)
3. Run the slackbuild script as root


4. Install the SBo package (as root) created by the slackbuild script (the filename is displayed on your console once the slackbuild script finishes its process.

# file names may vary, anyway I used wildcards here
installpkg /tmp/obexpushd*SBo.tgz

5. Enable rc.Bluetooth on your /etc/rc.d directory (as root)

chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.Bluetooth

6. It is always safe to reboot the machine to apply changes so restart your computer now. The next time you log in to your Slackware Linux, you will not have Bluetooth ready.

7. To receive file, just plug the Bluetooth dongle and run this command as regular user. You must run this on a directory where you want your received files to be save. For example we want to save it under ~/bluetooth.

cd ~/bluetooth
obexpushd -n

That way, the command will stay running on the terminal so that you can see the file transfer activities. You don’t need to keep it running all the time so terminate it as soon as you’re finished with file transfer.

Of course there are other projects such as KBluetooth and the others but they are not yet available on Slackware.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by. I tried to search for it on SlackBuilds before but non is found. That makes me a little bit hesitant. I’ll try that.

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