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Sublime Text shortcut – convert to lowercase/uppercase

Many times I’ve encountered a situation where I need to convert some codes/text into lowercase or uppercase while using Sublime Text. Then suddenly I thought it would be cool if there is a shortcut to convert selected text into lowercase or uppercase. Gladly there are already built-in shortcuts in Sublime Text 2.

I’ve found the tip from a GIST.

The shortcut is simple, select the text to convert and press the following keys.

For non-mac keyboards.

  • CTRL+ K, then CTTL + L – for converting into lowercase
  • CTRL + K, then CTRL + U – for converting into uppercase

Example, you have a text NOFOLLOW and you want to convert into nofollow. Select the text, press CTRL and K at the same time, then release K while still pressing CTRL then press L.

That’s it. Enjoy and share.

3 thoughts on “Sublime Text shortcut – convert to lowercase/uppercase”

  1. you should write as – Ctrl + U, THEN, Ctrl + U
    At first I was doing, Ctrl + K THEN pressing U.

    It was confusing for New USERS.. So if you change it, it will help others to understand easily.
    Thank you.

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