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Surprise – SmartBro/MyBro Fair Usage Policy

MyBro (previously SmartBro canopy) has always been unlimited, no daily nor monthly limit ever known to all of us subscribers. We enjoyed the privilege for quite a year or so (a year in my case). Then suddenly, this April, my connections began to slow like hell. I called the *1888 hotline and surprise! There is now a fair usage policy for SmartBro/MyBro.

I haven’t received any notification about this change. The Fair Usage Policy page didn’t mentioned anything about exact GB limit but according to some blog posts, it is 15 GB per month.

Without downloaded stuff, I could easily exhaust that 15GB in less than a month. This is due to my nature of work where I read a lot, connect to some servers and transfer stuff a lot. I may adjust my workflow as I cannot connect to my VPS all the time anymore.

On the other hand, I just extended my contract with them for 7 months for a promo wherein you pay P100 less for 7 months. I signed up immediately but now that I know this policy, I regret. I deserve better internet.

The month just changed from April to May but it seems that my 15GB cap has not reset. I know they sucks but they could have sucked less.

3 thoughts on “Surprise – SmartBro/MyBro Fair Usage Policy”

  1. So, this is why.. My internet connection gone this so slow!!! @%^%&%^$%#$@%^&***&)^^$%#$!@#~

  2. myBro says it reserves the right to modify the Fair Usage Policy without immediate notice to maintain integrity of its network services. What about the right of customers’ services? My complaint to myBro of a snail-paced connection was just answered to an option of applying for a new 1995peso plan so that I can avail of unlimited connection. Tricky as it can be for getting rid of the 999plan users.

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