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My Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009

I’m not actually into blogging. See my last post, it was 2 weeks ago. However, I feel like joining this so called Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009 craze. I wish I could use an unordered list, however, for the event, I’m picking my list.

Here we go:

1. Daily Contributor

This is the #1 at in entertainment category. Although he is not getting much page views from me (blame Google reader randy :D) but I’m reading updates from showbiz, technology (oh yes tech) and anything under the sun on his feeds via Google Reader and friendfeed.

2. Brother Utoy

He is a brother or a father or maybe later we can call him a priest, whatever. His blog is a mixture of humor and personal experiences of him being a servant of God or whatever you may call it.

It is also inspiring to see his stained glass window in ever post he made. Nah, I think he’s a bit busy now that he’s not yet posting something more inspiring and funny 😀

3. Jhoy Imperial and the Web

When it comes to being influential, this blog really influenced me from day one. After discovering her blog, I’ve been blogging just the way she blogs. 😀

She’s a Web Developer and I think she’s also a freelancer. What more can I say?

4. Ron Del Rosario

The Readme of a Problogger Wannable. I write this post after being convinced that I should. 😀 Thanks to this guy for inviting me. There are more than 10 blogs in my Google Reader, but I think I’ll include only those local blogs.

He is an Engineer at work and I think he is a photographer.

5. Green Pinoy

Mabuhay ang Pilipinony Makulit! This is the blog that makes me laugh at work. Nah, I’m running out of my list. Who’s next?

This blog features of Filipino being makulit. Most of the posts are the daily encounters of the author that are either funny or (!=) makulit like DVD labels, road signs, friendster status messages and anything.

6. p0kw4ng’s Uncensored Mind

This is a censored blog! Don’t visit if you are not of legal age! Hehe, just kidding. And yes it is full of censorship. you can see it on the large number of strike-through(ed) words or sentences. I see it cute that way.

But not only that. She get laid laid her various personal adventures in a harsh poetic way and also in a funny way. She rocks!

7. Randy Marasigan dot com

He is the Daily Contributor. This is his personal blog. I wish I could also be a pro-blogger just like them and earn big bucks through it. However, it seems that friendfeed is making me too busy and that I’m not posting regularly anymore.

I still got three slots!

8. Tunay Na Lalake

A sexiest blog! They have a unique way of ranting people by comparing them to a “tunay na lalake”. A man, a woman, an object and anything can be a “tunay na lalake” if it passed the manifesto.

They are #1 in humor category at I found their tag so funny. “wasak”.

9. Kwentong Tambay

Mga kwento ng isang siraulong Overseas Filipino Worker. He is an OFW and of course he is not siraulo. 😀 I’ve found his blog on iGoogle and I’ve included his blog on my Google Reader.

The last but not the least.

10. Lysender’s Daily Log Book

Life, Technology, Programming and Anything in Between. This blog is supposed to be a daily log of my personal experiences. However, time really does not permit that it end up to be a periodic log book and not daily anymore.

I wrote mostly for programming and web development.

Now I’m done. Back to work. 😀

Who is your Top 10 Influential Blog of 2009? Create your own now!

9 thoughts on “My Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009”

  1. You should have put and at your list…They are the most influential Filipino Blogs for me… They teach Filipinos how to make money without leaving the country. And the owners of these blogs are very very known worldwide!!

  2. Thanks for dropping by.

    I learn about and his achievement is so inspiring. Got to check

    As what I’ve mentioned, I’m not into blogging. It just happens that I know few Filipino blogs out there and been a regular visitors to their sites.

    When it comes to SEO and making money online, well that’s not the type of blogger I am. I’ve been blog hopping many of the top Filipino blogs out there and most of them are great ones. However, it just don’t fit my field of interests.

    I could blog about high value keywords / low density whatever blah blah blah, but there’s no fun :'( and the main reason I not into blogging is that I’m a reader and not a writer. Look at my posts, its no taste, no emotion, no life. Hehe

  3. awww tats naman ako lys! salamat ng marami ha at sa pagalay mo eh may ifluenza ako,hihihi…

    tats talaga ako pwamis..tats mo pa ako lagi ha..dito oh,hihihi


  4. Wow! Hehe, salamat sa pagbisita ateh 😀

    Sure, bubuwisitahinbibisitahin kita palage sa blog mo. Hehehe
    Nahawa yata ako sa influenza mo, hehehe

  5. Lysender,
    Wow! Thanks sa pag nominate kay DC! at number 1 pa, woot!
    May bonus pa sa personal blog ko. hehe!

    Di po ako pro-blogger, officemate ko si pRon del Rosario. 😀 haha!

    If ever sipagin ka mag blog, pwede ka sa DC! Sa Tech category 😀

    Thanks Bro!

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