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The Need for a Larger Web Host

I’m experiencing a very slow connection from my free ByetHost account. The 2GB monthly bandwidth is good but I feel I’m not getting the full 2GB as what the specs said. Or maybe I just have some traffic from search engines / bots and even spams so that I reached the quota quickly.

I’m considering Techhive’s PowerHive Plan:

  • 200 MB Disk Space
  • 4 GB (4,096 MB) Bandwidth
  • Php 300.00/month

And also includes the following:

Unlimited POP/IMAP4 Emails, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited Sub-Domains, SMTP Mail Server, CPanel Control Panel, CGI-BIN w/ Preinstalled Scripts, HTTP Streaming Audio, FTP Server, Detailed Online Stats, FREE Fantastico Scripts, Perl, PHP, WAP / WML / Wireless, Password Protected Directories, CentOS 4.5 i686 – Unix/Linux, Apache Web Server.

I don’t know if their PHP is version 5. Of course that is the number 1 criteria. Got to check them soon.

There is also MSWeb Network that offers a very eye-catching plan. I like their Linux Silver Plan:

  • 100MB Space
  • 8GB Bandwidth
  • Php 1,680/yr
  • *Free Domain

However, they only got PHP 4.3.11, so bad. I think I’m dropping them from my list but the Php 1,680 per year is not bad!

I’m hoping that I got get a new web host soon so that I will not be confident enough to show my blog to my son in the future. Wohooo!

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